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Chiropractic Techniques Adjustments, soft-tissue therapy, therapeutic exercises, modalities Pain Treatment Back pain, knee pain, nerve pain, headaches, other joint pain Condition Management Vertigo, asthma, fibromyalgia, colic, other chronic conditions Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Library

Higgins Chiropractic’s interactive library contains a variety of chiropractic-related patient education, including videos. Browse the table of contents for the most current research and information on specific chiropractic services and treatments and the conditions we treat. You’ll also find a list of resources that Dr. Dan  recommends for additional chiropractic information.

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Welcome to Higgins Chiropractic

Higgins Chiropractic is an Appleton chiropractic office on the east side of the Valley. Dr. Dan Higgins and Dr. Adam are the Appleton chiropractors that run the show! Our chiropractors use a variety of chiropractic techniques, including different styles of adjustments, the activator method, and other manual techniques and therapies to provide pain relief and get desired results for their patients. Our Appleton chiropractors design treatment plans to help get patients better with the simplest methods possible. Higgins Chiropractic’s Hierarchy of Care helps avoid unnecessary invasive procedures, which can have unwanted side effects. Some of our most popular treatments plans include treatment for lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, headaches and migraine, vertigo and more. Higgins Chiropractic has designed a workplace chiropractic program as well. Our chiropractors go onsite to companies in the Fox Valley area and provide chiropractic services for employees. Higgins Chiropractic also offers health and wellness presentations. Higgins Chiropractic is located at W3124 Van Roy Road, Appleton just off of Highway 441 and East College Avenue. For more information, contact the clinic at (920) 882-4000.


  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Nerve Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Headaches
  • Sports Injuries
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Pregnancy

“My goal as a health professional is to ensure that pain and dysfunction don’t keep people from enjoying the activities that define their ideal lifestyle.”

— Dr. Dan Higgins

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  • "Working in an office and looking at a computer all day, I didn't realize how much my neck was bothering me until I started getting adjusted. Dr. Higgins let me know that chiropractic is not just for people with back injuries, but also regular adjustments lead to better health and wellness. My sporadic headaches lessened, my upper shoulder soreness began to go away, and I noticed better rotation in my golf and softball swing. Dr. Higgins is very accommodating on appointment times and always available for advice."
    Kurt, age 28
  • "I am so pleased with your treatments. Since we started, I have been almost completely pain free, and my back hasn’t felt so loose and flexible for years! Thanks for doing such a good job of listening to me describe the problem. I really think that the time you spent asking questions about my condition was more important than the adjustments. Now I’m back to doing the fun things – all because of you."
    Tim, age 64
  • “I’ve had 25 years of on- and off-again chiropractic care. Four years ago I had back surgery on my L5, requiring a cage. Since then, I’ve felt great; that is until recently when I developed pain in my hips during sleep. My first thought was to find a chiropractor, someone I could trust. I found that in Dr. Higgins. I knew I had chosen well when he professionally showed and explained in simple terms what my issues were. After only three visits and some recommended exercises, along with the encouragement to continue with swim classes, I noticed an improvement within a week. I no longer have the pain and my mobility has improved a great deal. His convenient hours allowed me to pop in for adjustments as needed, and he always made time for me. I am a true believer in what chiropractic care has to offer, and I believe Dr. Higgins brings that to the table each and every time.”
    Lori, age 51
  • “Gavin started seeing Dr. Dan with hope that it would help his ear infections, a problem he suffered from approximately four times each year. Gavin has always been a little shy when meeting someone, but he took to Dr. Dan very quickly. In fact, during our second visit after being adjusted, he asked if he could ‘go again.’ So he seems to enjoy his visits and treatments, which is not an easy feat for most children when going to a doctor! He’s seen Dr. Dan about six times in the last few months, and has had no signs of an ear infection (which as history goes, would have occurred by now). We are thrilled with our decision to see Dr. Dan, and will continue to do so!”
    Gavin, age 3 (written by Kris)
  • “I recently began seeing Dr. Higgins for headaches and an inner ear issue. The efficient and painless adjustments to my upper back and neck have taken away my pain. I have not felt this good in a long time. I really appreciate Dr. Higgins’ calm confidence and the way that he listens to the patient. Dan explains the treatment and what to expect in the individual visit, as well as the longer-term goal. Higgins Chiropractic is my go to for headache control!”
    Karen, age 55
  • “I'm 36 years old and had never been to a chiropractor. I am a runner and was having some hip pain, so Dr. Dan gave great explanations of process, treatment and ways in which he thought he could help me. He was very clear about his philosophy and honest about his plans for me. Treatments were painless and I started feeling relief when running after only about a week. I like that I never felt locked into a yearlong treatment plan, but I know that I can call Dr. Dan should any similar or new pains arise. He is very family-oriented, and I feel comfortable talking to him about other medical concerns that I have as well. His welcoming and outgoing personality makes our visits really enjoyable. I highly recommend Dr. Dan for any chiropractic care needs!”
    Kyle, age 36
  • “I can't say enough about how awesome Dr. Dan is with children! From our first consultation we were made to feel welcome, and he took time to learn about our whole family. I brought our 10 month-old in for adjustments to help maintain and boost his immunity. Even with a baby, he knew just how to make our son smile and feel comfortable enough to have Dr. Dan hold him and do his gentle adjustments. Our little Johnny is a chiropractic adjustment pro now and doesn’t even flinch when he lays on the table to be adjusted! As a mom, I was skeptical and a little nervous about how the process works for little kids, but Dr. Dan made me feel completely comfortable and explained everything he was doing. We will always use Dr. Dan for the chiropractic needs of our entire family!”
    Johnny, 10 months old (written by Beth)