Just as a car needs a tune up, so does your body! There are a number of reasons why patients seek out a chiropractor, (low back pain, neck pain headaches, etc.) and if you’re not a regular chiropractic care seeker, getting quarterly “tune up’s” are a great way to keep your body aligned and in check. Get out your owner’s manual because it’s time to correct your aches and pains.

5 Signs Your Body Needs a Tune Up

  1. Warning lights

Those little indicators (yeah we’re talking about the sharp pains) are “warning lights”. They indicate something isn’t functioning properly. And warning you that something worse could happen iftune up your body not addressed. The sooner you can get to the chiropractor, the better.

  1. Stalling

Has your car ever stalled when you tried to accelerate? What about your body? Has your body ever said, “Nope, I cannot function that way” or “I’m in too much pain to move”. Stalling is another sign that your body needs a tune up.

  1. Poor Fuel Mileage

Do you get sick easily? Are you running on little to no fuel? When you get adjusted, subluxations are removed. Subluxations prevent your nervous systems from functioning properly. The nervous system sends messages to the immune system, so ultimately getting adjusted can help you recover faster when you’re sick.

  1. Unexplained Noises

If you hear and feel “cracks” and “pops” it might be time to stop into your chiropractors office. You shouldn’t be uncomfortable. And if you are, it might be time for a tune up.

  1. Sluggish Acceleration

The need for speed and power applies to our vehicles as much as it does our bodies. Our bodies are resilient, but if not properly cared for can become sluggish and unhealthy. If you’re slowing down because of pain, chiropractic care and/or physical therapy are a wonderful treatment to consider.

Remember, a tune up is a preventative maintenance intended to catch small pains before they turn into big, serious ones. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have. Dr. Dan has a Tune Up program that allows you to get into the chiropractor four times a year to help maintain your health and wellness. Contact us today to learn more!

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