Higgins Chiropractic’s Six Visit Promise

One of the major concerns patients have when considering chiropractic care is how many treatments they will need to feel better. Here are some of the reasons for their concerns:

  • The idea of multiple visits is daunting – why would more than one visit be needed?
  • They are worried the doctor will try to convince them to sign up for a 20-30 visit long-term plan.
  • They have heard once you start going to chiropractor you have to keep going forever.

At Higgins Chiropractic, we understand and want to assure you that we can address these concerns:

  • Often, it takes more than one treatment to help a person feel better. The reason is, in most cases, the symptoms patients experience do not happen suddenly. There are different stresses placed on the body repetitively, and at some point the body is overwhelmed and pain results. Healing takes time.
  • We will not try to corner, coerce or sell you on a long-term (20-30 visits) treatment plan. We do offer and see the incredible value in wellness care, but we do not push that on our patients.
  • Once you go to a chiropractor, you do not have to go for the rest of your life. When you’re better, you don’t need to come back. A majority of patients see us for a specific condition and are discharged when we reach their healing goals. Wellness care may be discussed, but that is the patient’s option.

We understand that these concerns are real and important. In order to address them, we have created our Six Visit Promise. The promise ensures that Higgins Chiropractic will offer patient-centered care that facilitates the healing process as efficiently as possible. Therefore, we promise that:

Before or during a patient’s sixth visit, we will be able to determine the effectiveness of the treatment thus far, and together decide how to best proceed with your care.

Why six visits?

Typically, patients with acute pain average six visits for the relief of symptoms. This does not mean you need to have six treatments. If you’re feeling better before your sixth visit, then you don’t need to continue. Six is merely the average number of treatments before our patients feel better.

What happens at visit six?

After a patient reaches their sixth visit, we evaluate our progress and classify the patient into one of three categories:

  1. The patient is back to 100%.
    The symptoms will be gone and the patient will be able to do all the things they love to do just as easily as it was prior to needing treatment. They will be discharged from care, and are always welcome to come back in if they would like. This may occur before visit number six. In this case, the patient can be done with treatment before reaching the sixth visit.
  1. The patient is making progress, but not back to 100%.
    The condition has improved significantly, but some symptoms still linger. In this case, we will continue to treat as needed (usually a few extra visits). As soon as the patient is symptom free and back to 100%, they are discharged from care.
  1. The patient is not making progress with the treatment.
    In this case, the treatment has not produced adequate improvement, which calls for a reevaluation. We will assess the condition and consider all possible options for treatment. This will often include a referral to another health care provider based on the hierarchy of care. Referrals are commonly made to medical specialists (physiatrists, neurosurgeons, etc.), physical therapists or alternative care providers. The main goal is to get our patients the care they need to facilitate healing.