Many people still have questions about the seemingly mysterious health care option that is chiropractic. If you were to ask 25 chiropractors to explain what chiropractic is, you’d get 25 different answers. At Higgins Chiropractic, we offer you a straight and simple answer that explains what chiropractic means to us.

Chiropractic is a specialty that utilizes non-invasive methods to restore function and reduce discomfort in the musculoskeletal system. One of the key aspects of our definition of chiropractic is the word “function.” Our philosophy is based on locating and eliminating dysfunction.

Every joint in the body, including those along the spine, was created to allow movement. When stresses act on the body and affect how the joints move, it creates imbalances and, eventually, symptoms. This reaction is part of the body’s “innate intelligence.” In simpler terms, this means that the body is naturally smart and adapts when pain and dysfunction are present.

The same intelligence that allows the body to adapt to dysfunction will also stimulate the healing process to restore proper function. Chiropractors aim to facilitate this healing process by restoring motion (or function) to the problem areas. Chiropractic adjustments are the most common treatment used to accomplish this. The effects of adjustments help the body to operate more efficiently at a local, systemic and even visceral level.

Chiropractic is about restoring function. When it comes to the body’s joints, restoring motion is restoring function. If the body is operating efficiently, it will facilitate the healing process. Our bodies are incredibly smart and chiropractic treatment simply helps us to get out of our own way so that the body can heal itself.

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