We decided to break away from the traditional posts and bring you a fun questionnaire we had the doctors complete! It’s fun to learn more about Dr. Dan and Dr. Abbie and their lives. Christmas is a great time to appreciate all that you have and to share it with the world. Let’s see what the Dr. Abbie asked for this Christmas and what her favorite traditions are!

  1. Name one gift you want from Santa.
    • A Packer win!? Okay.. A red throw blanket with white snowflakes.
  2. What does your family’s Christmas day look like?
    • I am surrounded by family- We start with Christmas Eve mass and ending the evening with the Shadick side. Christmas Day festivities are with the Goodmans.
  3. Do you have any Christmas traditions? 
    • Christmas traditions I remember are Momma Shadick reading us Christmas stories before bed.pecan-1090266_1280
  4. What’s your favorite Christmas dish?
    • Spiced pecans
  5. Favorite Christmas song! 
  6. If you could tell people one “healthy” thing to do during Christmas break, what would it be? 
    • De-Stress!!! Take in all the happy holiday moments, play with kiddos, go for a long walk in the snow, and relax. Holidays can be stressful, but don’t let it get to you. Play some soft music, light the fire, and smell the holiday aroma= DESTRESS!
  7. What’s your favorite part of Christmas? 
    • Bringing family together and the whole holiday spirit.
  8. What are you looking forward to for the new year, 2017? 
    • Spending time with my Husband in our first Full Year in our house, and the many memories we will make along the way.
  9. What’s your favorite Christmas memory? img_0022
    • Running down the stairs in the morning, Christmas music playing and looking at the fireplace lite with stockings hanging, Christmas tree all lite beautifully and presents underneath the tree- every year I just want to take in this view.  It’s not so much what’s in the presents, but how the holiday spirit is so full at this time and everyone is in awe of the beauty!
  10. Well Wishes from Abbie:
    • Happy Happy Holidays- enjoy all the special moments you hold dear to your hearts and remember why we celebrate such a wonderful time- Merry Christmas!

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