Our final #FamilyFriday post comes from a family that has known Dr. Dan for a long time. Here is what they have to say about putting chiropractic first for their family!


Our family has known the Higgins family for many, many years. When our son was diagnosed with an immune deficiency at 8 months old, we wanted to be as proactive as we could to help him build and strengthen his immune system naturally. We contacted Dr. Dan and asked if he was comfortable working with such a little one and if he would help us…he never hesitated and we brought our son right in. We loved the welcoming feel of the practice and the philosophy of treating things and then assessing to see if they are working before continuing. 

Our kids feel comfortable with Dr. Dan and he always puts a smile on their faces. He is so genuine and sincerely cares about his patients, which is very evident. He works so well with kids and knows age-appropriate questions to ask them about school and activities, which makes them feel comfortable with him as well.

We truly feel that the combination of taking our son to see Dr. Dan and also using immune-boosting essential oils helped to give him the fight he needed to grow out of his immune deficiency. In addition to that, my husband is a runner and Dr. Dan has helped him with different hip and back issues as well. Our goal is to continue coming to see Dr. Dan regularly, not only when we need to be “fixed”, but for maintenance and overall wellness. We love Higgins Chiropractic!

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