What happens when your entire family gets treated by a chiropractor? We’re guessing that your family smiles a lot! 🙂 At Higgins Chiropractic, we believe that families of all sizes need better access to drug-free options when it comes to pain management. Take a look at the Hyatt family’s story.


Jon, Lindsay and their children, Brendan (7 years old), Patrick (5 years old) and Meghan (6 weeks old) have all received chiropractic services from Dr. Abbie. The Hyatt family has known both Dr. Abbie and Dr. Dan for many years. They love Dr. Abbie’s focus on children and all around wellness. Lindsay says,

“Dr. Abbie has a great balanced approach between natural and traditional methods.”

Why do they love about visiting Higgins Chiropractic? The family replies, “The relaxed caring atmosphere, and of course the staff!” Take it from the Hyatt family, anyone that wants improved body mechanics can use chiropractic care!


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