During National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM) this October, Dr. Dan and Dr. Abbie are raising awareness of the true value of a conservative approach to pain management, chiropractic care! Over the years, both doctors have enjoyed working with patients from all walks of life! To celebrate, we’ve asked a few families to tell us how chiropractic care has changed their lives!

Bryan and Kris Reising would like to share how Dr. Dan helped their 5-year-old son!

Reising Family receives chiropractic care

When Dr. Dan started his practice, we were referred by a friend to see him. Our 5-year-old son, Gavin, loves seeing Dr. Dan because Dr. Dan makes him comfortable. It’s always a fun time when Gavin gets adjusted, it alleviates a ton of nervousness to where he is excited to “go see the doctor!”

Gavin was a chronic ear infection kiddo. He would get ear infections almost 4-5 times a year! We started bringing Gavin to see Dr. Dan since he was 3-years-old and he hasn’t had any more issues with ear infections. Having a chiropractic that we trust, let us avoid potential ear tube surgery and a ton of antibiotics. We are so thankful for everything Dr. Dan has done!

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