If you really (and we mean REALLY) want to understand how the body works on a diet plan, you will need to understand how it processes nutrients. To do this we need to look at our body’s natural biorhythms.

What is a biorhythm?

All creatures on this planet have natural patterns of daily body cycles. Biorhythm’s affect a person’s mental, physical and emotional state. These biorhythmic cycles are established hours set by the laws of nature and include the following:

The Elimination Cycle
This body cycle begins around 4:00 AM and ends around 12:00 PM.

During the Elimination Cycle, the body naturally tries to purge toxic waste and unnecessary salts, proteins and acids from its system. Fruits are a great natural toxin eliminator. Raw fruit supplies the body with living matter to help draw out unwanted substances. Fresh, raw fruit also helps ensure the intestinal tract is well hydrated and sustained.

The Energy Cycle
This body cycle begins around 12:00 PM and ends around 8:00 PM.

As the name states, the Energy Cycle uses food and nutrients to provide you with energy for the day. What is good to eat during the Energy Cycle? Raw vegetables (think big salads) with a starch that’ll give you oomph throughout the day!

The Regeneration Cycle
This cycle begins around 8:00 PM and ends around 4:00 AM.

During the Regeneration Cycle, the body takes all the foods consumed during the day and processes the nutrients to restore itself, cell by cell! This cycle is a perfect time for humans to sleep. Quality sleep gives our bodies the opportunity to heal and regenerate.

Understanding and following the timeline of your body’s natural biorhythm is essential for improving and maintaining your health and vitality Of course there are other factors when it comes to diet, like the state in which we’re eating; however, learning how to eliminate and replace toxins from the foods we eat and beverages we drink is important!

In the same sense, a chiropractor care can help rid the body of toxins. During a chiropractic adjustment the vertebrae is put back into alignment to help the central nervous system work correctly. This sends messages to your brain to get rid of the toxins. If you’d like to explore chiropractic care, email us at lori@higginschiro.com.

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