Chiropractic Adjustments/Manipulations

Dr. Dan utilizes different chiropractic adjustment and manipulation techniques based on each patient’s presenting symptoms and health history. For a majority of patients, he prefers to utilize manual adjustments, which is done by hand. During a manual adjustment, Dr. Dan will detect which joint isn’t functioning, contact that specific segment and apply a force in a particular vector in order to restore function to the joint. At times, he will use drop-assisted adjustment techniques. In this method, the table is spring-loaded and drops a few inches when force is applied to a specific joint.

This is slightly less aggressive than manual adjusting. Lastly, Dr. Dan uses an instrument-assisted adjustment technique. With this type of treatment, he uses a spring-loaded handheld device, which applies specific force into the joint. This is considered the least aggressive of these adjusting methods.

Soft-Tissue Therapy

Higgins Chiropractic also provides soft-tissue therapy in the form of myofascial release techniques. These treatments aim to break up adhesions in muscles in order to allow for improved function. While these techniques will help improve many conditions, they are most effective when coupled with proper mobilization of the neighboring joints.

Therapeutic Exercise

Dr. Dan recommends some sort of therapeutic exercise included in the majority of his patients’ treatment plans. Chiropractic adjustments are most effective when a patient stabilizes the area with active exercises. This could include stretching, range of motion exercises or strengthening exercises. Many of the exercises are taught during a patient’s appointment, so they can be repeated at home.

Therapeutic Modalities

Therapeutic modalities are used at Higgins Chiropractic to stimulate healing and combat inflammation. Electric muscle stimulation is an incredibly effective way to stimulate blood flow, modify pain and decrease inflammation. Additionally, applying heat or ice to certain conditions helps to relieve discomfort and manage symptoms.

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