Is it just us, or are you noticing an increased movement towards fitness and healthy living? We’re not mad about it! There arerunning myths debunked by higgins chiropractic many ways to kick up your fitness routine, but our favorite is getting outside and running! You have probably been given a lot of advice over the years when it comes to running, such as stretching, workouts, length, shoes and even the negative body aches of the sport. But we’ve done some research and want to debunk a few running myths.

Running Myths Debunked

  • Always stretch before you run

You’d be surprised to know that not all types of stretches are necessary before you go jogging. Of course, stretching is important for athletes, in general, but static stretching (holding a muscle in a fixed position) is not the best warm up. Instead, you should be focusing on getting oxygen to your muscles with dynamic stretches. Here is a dynamic stretching routine from Runners World.

  • There is one “perfect” running form

You have probably noticed that most people have different running postures/forms and that’s perfectly OK! Research from the Journal of Sports Sciences demonstrates that when running, form evolves on its own—and runners who train without thinking about their form—they become more efficient, and their stride and oxygen cost don’t suffer as a result.

  • You need to hydrate with a sports drink after running

If your workout is less than one hour you don’t necessarily need to chug a sports drink, water is perfectly fine. If your workout is longer than an hour, a sports drink is a great way to replace electrolytes and calories lost during your workout.

  • Mileage should be the focus

Maybe you’ve heard this running myth, maybe not, but mileage should not be the focus of your run. What you do with those miles is what counts. Varying mileage and intensity of your runs will help make you a greater performer than running at the same pace and distance every day. Like any sport, it’s great to mix up your routines!

  • You need to run every day to be the best

Running every single day can be harmful to your body. Cross-training like swimming or biking is a great thing to incorporate into your daily exercise plan. You do not want to overstrain your body, this could lead to injury and long-term aches and pains. Taking a day off sometimes is the best thing you can do for your body! Experiment and see what works best for you.

  • Running in cold weather is not healthy

This myth has been around for a while so here is what you need to know. Running outside in the cold isn’t unhealthy as long as you dress appropriately. Keep your head and hands warm with hats and mittens if NECESSARY. Germs and bacteria thrive in warm places, so you’re more likely to catch a cold inside!

  • I don’t need to strength train if I run

Multiple studies have proven that strength training is highly effective for runners! It doesn’t have to take a ton of time up in your fitness routine, but strength training a couple times a week will make you a more, well-rounded athlete! Here are 10 exercise to build strength.

  • There is one perfect running shoe

We hope you don’t believe every sales person when it comes to running shoes because contrary to what you’ve been told, there is no “one perfect” running shoe. Every foot is different, so you should consult a professional if you need extra support, but get the one that works best for you!

Hopefully, these running myths haven’t hindered your cardio performance over the years! Running is a great exercise for everyone, get out there and enjoy it!

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