Sore muscles? Sprained ankle? What about intense lower back pain? If you’ve ever experienced one of these, you know the discomfort we’re talking about. OK, so you’re in pain, and you Google, “What can I do to relieve pain in X-area” and most articles direct you towards, ice. Ice is great and all, but you’re at work and getting ready to jump into an hour long meeting. You can’t have a frozen ice bag stuck to your shirt! What other options do you have? Based on the title of this blog post, you know what we’re getting at… BIOFREEZE!

What is Biofreeze?biofreeze which danny sells

Biofreeze is a pain relieving gel that provides the same effect as ice, but in a more convenient and portable form.

Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that’s useful for treating things like sprains, muscles, arthritis and other types of joint pain. The active ingredient in Biofreeze is menthol. Menthol binds with temperature-sensitive receptors in the skin, giving you that cool feeling. Activating these receptors is thought to modulate pain signals through the body’s natural pain relieving system.

Biofreeze reduces arterial blood flow to the applied area, while also increasing circulation in the skin. A study done on ice and Biofreeze ultimately found that Biofreeze was nearly twice as powerful in relieving pain, substantially more comfortable and convenient, longer-lasting in 9 out of 10 patients and just generally preferred. You can massage the gel into your skin up to four time a day. Dr. Dan highly suggests Biofreeze after any type of therapy such as chiropractic care or physical therapy. Biofreeze is available for purchase through our office and we’d love for you to try it out! Give us a call to reserve a bottle or next time you’re in ask for a sample!

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