Eight hours a day, five times a week… that’s forty hours a week, you sit in a chair, make calls, reply to emails and attend meetings. How many times does your mind wander during those forty hours? Besides thinking about your next vacation or “what’s that funky microwaved lunch” one of your colleagues decided to heat up, have you thought about your health? If you’re sitting at a desk for forty hours, we hope you have! From back pain, to neck pain, wrist strain and more, workplaces do not create healthy habits. Here are just a few things we tell ourselves at work.

5 Things I Tell Myself at Work

  1. “I need a new chair!”

Get something comfortable and ergonomic for your bottom! Something that is able to help you stay level with your computer. Another great “chair” for your desk is a stability ball! The ball helps strengthen your abdominal muscles. (A-plus) You’re technically getting a low-intensity ab workout when you sit on a stability ball.

  1. “Get up and move around!”

Take short breaks throughout the day. It’s a great way to recharge your brain and muscles. Try to take breaks every hour. Move and walk around the office. Do something to get off your stretching at workbottom!

  1. “Workout during lunch!”

If you can, take that hour break and get on the treadmill! Some offices have onsite facilities, making working out at work much easier to do. If you can’t leave work or are too worried about getting sweaty, do some exercises at your desk! Pushups, sit-ups, calf raises or triceps dips are just a few exercises that you can do in a confined space.

  1. “STRETCH!”

There are so many stretches you can do sitting down or standing up at your desk! Work some stretches in during the day to help alleviate stiffness. Suggestions for simple stretches include leg extensions, stretching your wrists, shrugging shoulders or twisting your torso.

  1. “Take the Stairs!”

While time is of the essence in business, if you have time to “take the long way” give it a try! Skip the elevator and take the stairs, park further away from your office or make the trek to the bathroom on the other side of building to burn more calories and stretch out your legs.

Don’t work yourself to death, mentally or physically! If you’re thinking about getting up and moving around, do it! Talk to your HR Manager about ways to get your office up and moving during the workday. There are many things that companies can do that benefit their employees such as exercise contests, healthy snacks in the breakroom and having chiropractic care onsite! If you’re interested in learning a few ideas for your company, contact us anytime!

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